A Verizon day in the life with The Mowglis

14 12 2013

I travelled up to Washington D.C. a few weeks ago to posse up with The Mowglis to document a day in the life as they came to town for a show.  Verizon has them hooked up with some 4g hot spots so they take their social media pretty seriously! Take a look at the video and some of the bts pics after the jump!

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PGA Championship coverage

23 08 2013


After wrapping up with 6 weeks of NASCAR I had a few days back home to regroup, work with a couple of local clients (which I always love to do!) and then head back out. This time, Rochester, NY for the PGA 2013 Championship at Oak Hill Country Club.

Here’s a nice little video on the history of Oak Hill for PGA.com

check out some photos after the break.


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TNT NASCAR Summer Series

20 08 2013

My Summer was awesome!


After the break you’ll find some bts photos and info

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Interesting week of characters

16 08 2012

This past week was full of interesting characters to put microphones on.

First up: Vice President Joe Biden
A stop in NC on his political campaign got him mic’d up with one of my zaxcom transmitters.

Next up: Dan Ariely

The job was a corporate video, I don’t remember the exact details but I can tell you that this dude is cool. Very interesting cat. He’s a professor at Duke University covering psychology and behavioral economics. Basically he studies lying and cheating and why we do it. All kinds of cool experiments. He’s done some TED talks that have had a looooot of views. By far the most interesting dude to get mic’d up this week. Check him out.

And finally, we have: Billy Burke
Billy is mostly well known for his role in the teeny vampire heart throb Twilight Saga. But he’s now starring in the new NBC show REVOLUTION. The job was an EPK(electronic press kit, or promo video if you will) for NBC on the set of the show, which is shooting in the Wilmington, NC area. Check out the extended web trailer for the show, looks to be interesting!

new Zaxcom heat!

25 04 2011

There had been rumors floating around for a few months leading up to NAB that Zaxcom was going to drop an awesome new multichannel recorder. Well they did, and it is pretty awesome!

So here she is, the Zaxcom Nomad. comes in a couple of different favours. 4, 6, 8 and 12 channel. I must say that I am very impressed with this new fancy voice catcher. I had been looking into getting a Sound Deviced 788 but this has definitely stolen my heart. I’ll be pre-ordering this puppy soon and looking to put it into some high zoot action come early summer when its released!

Tech nerd details: dual CF recording(marf and fat32 with broadcast wave), timecode in and out, 6+ channel models feature zaxnet for ifb and other fancy stuff, inputs hidden in the back(some don’t like, I do!), nice big screen and much more. Hit that link for more details.

7 tips to better DSLR video shooting via 69 links

30 03 2010

My e-buddy ray, aka re1000, posted on his blog linking to jase’s blog on these tips for photographers aspiring to be videographer n00bs. 

Photo by Guy Rhodes
Robert Caplin, left, testing focus and framing with members of the BETRAYED crew before the “real” actors jumped in. In this photo, he is using the RedRockMicro system (mentioned in tip #3.)

so all you photo nerdz tryin to get yer video on with your fancy d3’s, 5d’s, 7d’s T2i’s, etc… get yer read on here.

my workflow for HD-DSLR shooting

5 03 2010

Here is my workflow for HD-DSLR shooting, ENG style.

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1 03 2010

Friday I was in Charlotte for a promo event for the CIAA tournament. Here some photos of your boy Genuwine.

Tascam just stepped it UP!

2 02 2010

Tascam’s previous field recorder was the HD-P2, which is a 2 channel recorder with timecode. Its a pretty sweet recorder.

Tascam HD-P2 recorder

But now they’ve stepped up their game. In the past couple of years multi channel recorders have been getting cheaper and better. And with the explosion of DSLR film making it creates the stronger need for a dedicated soundie, thus improving our need, which is a huuuuge plus. One thing that really hasn’t been improving lately is the quality to price ratio with sound gear, until now.

Tascam DR-680

Tascam’s DR-680 is possibly a game changer. yeah it doesn’t have timecode, but its not like you can’t stick timecode into an unused input, CAUSE ITS GOT 6! And in the game I’m in, timecode isn’t an issue. So for less than $1000 you’re getting a 6 channel recorder. My idea setup is running my 4 mixer inputs to channels 1-4 and then sending a mix to 5 and 6. Post will wet their panties. Buuuut for now, my current mixer doesn’t have dedicated outs for each input. I’ve got the older PSC mk4 mark2 mixer. although a 4 channel mixer, no dedicated outs. Thus requiring me to step up to the Alphamix or ideally, SD 552.

some damn good nom noms

20 10 2009

recently i came up on some awesome vegan marshmallows. there used to be this one company that made them, but they were big fat liars and used animal gutz in their products. so boo ya! found sweet and sara. hit up whole foods and shhhaaapooww! got em stacked in the fridge! well… actually i did have them stacked 4 high. now i just have one box left. they are a gazillion times better than the other ones from the big fat liars. they melt so much better, and even roast good over a fire.

they are cubes, which look kinda odd at first, but they work better for all things nomable.

they got these cute little smores too!

and holy shit! when i went to the site today, low and behold they got dem mini mallows!!!! previously i was biting chunks of the bigger ones and spitting them into my hot chokit. April might have yelled at me for that…

these lil buggers are hand made in NY and are animal product free and friendly(simon would definitely eat them). so yeah, go buy some.