A Verizon day in the life with The Mowglis

14 12 2013

I travelled up to Washington D.C. a few weeks ago to posse up with The Mowglis to document a day in the life as they came to town for a show.  Verizon has them hooked up with some 4g hot spots so they take their social media pretty seriously! Take a look at the video and some of the bts pics after the jump!


Lots of talking humans mic’d up


So many record tracks!


The backs of all the talking heads. Brett Mullen is up front riding shotgun getting the shots.


The Mowglis perform in front of volunteers and employees of The Capital Area Food Bank.


Our crew captures the band helping out with can sorting. Taylor Parris on the boom in the background helping me out.


The Mowglis show their support for Mangler Mixer!


They put on an amazing show, such a good time!




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