Gear List

Every job calls for something slightly different but they are usually broken down into 3 categories

My basic sound kit usually consists of:

Zaxcom Maxx 6 channel mixer / 8 track recorder
2 channels of Lectrosonics wireless
-2 411a’s
-2 SMQv’s with sanken, countryman and tram lav mics
K-tek 12′ boom pole
Sanken cs3e shotgun mic or Sennheiser MKH50 hypercardoid mic
ENG camera cable (for return monitoring from camera)
plenty of battery via the bags battery distribution system

This kit allows me to perform the functions of a sound mixer, but when needed, can be a primary recorder or record backup wav files. Other options for this kit include wireless camera links to all the cameras. Having a 6 channel mixer in my basic kit allows me to expand to the needs of production.

The more complex bag usually consists of:

Zaxcom Nomad 10 channel mixer / 12 track recorder
a whole bunch of Lectrosonics wireless and transmitters
I have 411a’s and SRb’s that can give me 11 channels of wireless. Yes, thats one more than 10!
Ability to send audio to cameras wirelessly
-2 channel mix to 2 cameras via Lectrosonics SRb units or Zaxcom RX900s units
-mono mix/timecode sync to 3 cameras via Zaxcom ERXTCD units
K-tek 12′ boom pole
Sanken cs3e shotgun mic or Sennheiser MKH50 hypercardoid mic
plenty of battery via the bags battery distribution system

And new to my growing kit, the production sound cart consists of:

PSC Euro Cart with battery distro system
Zaxcom Nomad 10 channel mixer/ 12 track recorder
Zaxcom Deva Mix 8 fader interface
6 channel Lectrosonics Venue wireless Microphone interface
6 Lectrosonics SMQv wireless microphone transmitters
Selection of Sanken, Countryman and Tram lavaliere mics
K-tek boom / Sound devices / Lectrosonics configurations for wireless boom operator
Comtek wireless monitoring system for up to 10 monitors
Blackmagic Smartview duo 8″ lcd monitors
Zaxcom ERXTCD wireless audio and timecode sync boxes
Denecke TS-C timecode slate
and tons of cables and adapters


Zaxcom Nomad 10 channel / 12 track recorder
Zaxcom Deva Mix-8 mixing console
Zaxcom Maxx 4 channel / 6 track recorder
Sound Devices 302 3 channel mixer w/emergency rx for 4th channel
Denecke sb-3 timecode generator
Deneke TS-C timecode smart slate
11x Lectrosonics wireless
2x Lectrosonics plug-on wireless transmitters
2x Lectrosonics 2 channel camera links with battery power and various camera mounts:
-saddle bags
-anton bauer side mounts
-shoe mounts
-bracket camera mounts
-custom 15mm rail mount config
2x Sennheiser G2 wireless(IFB, lavs and camera hop)
10x Comtek IFB monitors for director/producer/client monitoring
3x Zaxcom ERX IFB client monitors/camera hops/timecode sync boxes
Countryman, Tram and Sanken Lavaliers
K-tech 9′ and 12′ boom poles
Sanken CS3e shotgun
Sennheiser MKH60 shotgun
Sennheiser MKH70 long shotgun
Sennheiser MKH50 hypercardoid
Schoeps Mk641 hypercardoid
Octava Mk012 hypercardoid
Sanken Cub plant mic with bubble bee wind cover
2x Peter Engh Omnigoose plant microphones
Audio Technica stereo microphones, BP-4029 and BP-4025
Rode, Rycote, Ktek microphone mounts
200’+ xlr cable
3x ENG breakaway cables

NP1 battery system for days of kit power

Various other equipment:
Honda Pilot production vehicle
Panasonic GH4
8-200mm in lenses for GH4
SmallHD 5″ HD LCD Monitor/Viewfinder
Libec and Manfrotto Tripods

2x GoPro 3 Hero camera setups

Honda EU2000i generator

Mobile WIFI hotspot

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