Hey! I’m Michael. I got this nickname “da mangler” many moons ago. Don’t worry, it’s not from “manglin” anything. Just a miss pronounced word that led to a funny nickname, that I didn’t know I had for a couple of years. Then it just stuck.

I come from an action sports(bmx) background. I grew up making bike videos, which I still do, and that led to a more professional career in the video production biz. My dad was a musician so thats probably where I got my nach for the audio. I’m a technically minded person so those things just kinda fit together.

I did my first sound gig in 2000 on a friends short film and from then on out I’ve been a production sound nerd. Some years I didn’t get to do it as much but a few years ago I took it back to my roots. I bought up a used mixer to get myself back into the game, strapped on my headphones and started kicking some waveform ass.

During my in between sound mixer time I worked as a producer for a tv station and as a producer for the News & Record(yes, newspapers have video, on their website…). During those 5 years my sound was definitely one thing that stood out. I took pride in mic placement and of course attention to levels.

Here’s an example of what an off day for me looks like:


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