PGA Championship coverage

23 08 2013


After wrapping up with 6 weeks of NASCAR I had a few days back home to regroup, work with a couple of local clients (which I always love to do!) and then head back out. This time, Rochester, NY for the PGA 2013 Championship at Oak Hill Country Club.

Here’s a nice little video on the history of Oak Hill for

check out some photos after the break.



My docking partner for the week, Sony F55


My kit for the week? Well, I’m glad you asked! Brand spankin’ new Zaxcom Maxx! Built in camera hop stereo transmitter really made my week with a nice and lightweight bag.


We covered a lot of different shoots throughout the week. Here, we’re hanging out on the driving range grabbing quick interview with the players.


And some press conferences, as seen here with Tiger Woods.


What everyone was shootin’ for!


And here’s me perched up on the 18th green as we followed Duffner and Furyk in their final 4 holes.




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