TNT NASCAR Summer Series

20 08 2013

My Summer was awesome!


After the break you’ll find some bts photos and info

All Access, that was what I spent 6 weeks of my summer having. I hit the road, or air, on June 1st. TNT was trying something different for their NASCAR Summer Series during their pre race show, countdown to the green. The premise, follow a different NASCAR driver and team each week from a race up to the day before their next race allowing our crew all access to their lives. Sounds crazy huh? It was, in an awesome way.  I teamed up with rockstar producers from Turner Sports Alix Jones and Lee Shelton. They have a history of producing content for in the past so they both have heavy roots in racin’. Our camera guys came from Charleston, SC’s goto team, Dave Baker and Roggg Woodruff (the huge nascar fan of our crew). The turnaround time for the show was pretty quick, as in we finished filming on Saturday and aired on Sunday before the race. Bill Baker was our editor, he has a long time record with Turner Sports, not to mention he rules!

tntcrewthe team standing by a boeing 777 engine at Fedex world HQ

IMG_6070posing with Dover’s monster at our first race

We knew our summer was going to be crazy when leaving the track we had to rush to the local FBO (the private side of an airport) to hop on Joe Gibbs Racing’s team plane to fly back with them to North Carolina.

IMG_6111my shirt is “salmon” not pink…

The A-list of drivers we were following were stacked with nothing but heavy hitters. First up was the #11 FEDEX team with Denny Hamlin. 2nd was 2012 champion Brad Keselowski. 3rd was fellow mountain biker Juan Pablo Montoya. 4th was Kurt Busch. 5th was another fellow pedal pusher, Carl Edwards. Last, but not least, good ol boy Martin Truex, JR. So definitely a rounded group of gentleman. The only one I had worked with prior was Denny so I didn’t really know anything about these guys, but the scuttlebud around the water cooler, or catering truck, was that they all were pretty cool.

pedalwithcarlCarl knew I was itching to ride so while filming his pre race workout ritual he threw me on a bike. Of course I kept working tho 🙂


On Many occasions we had the chance to fly with the drivers on their personal planes. Here we’re packing up and heading to New Hampshire.


Here, we’re piled in Kurt Busch’s Leer Jet headed to Kentucky. There wasn’t enough room on his plane for our gear so we had to fedex it!


A familiar scene every weekend. Trucks backed up to the garage and cars lined up chompin’ at the bit!


During a pit stop with the 11 team I’m capturing the sound of their action.


Lee and Bill working on the show in our corner of the truck

IMG_6503Roggg behind the wheel looked like this


Martin’s dog Bowden was a trained hunting dog, so obviously he wanted to attack my softie


Flying up to New Hampshire provided this awesome sunset, nice way to end it!

You can check out the rest of the all access features by going to our awesome editor’s vimeo page




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