Tascam just stepped it UP!

2 02 2010

Tascam’s previous field recorder was the HD-P2, which is a 2 channel recorder with timecode. Its a pretty sweet recorder.

Tascam HD-P2 recorder

But now they’ve stepped up their game. In the past couple of years multi channel recorders have been getting cheaper and better. And with the explosion of DSLR film making it creates the stronger need for a dedicated soundie, thus improving our need, which is a huuuuge plus. One thing that really hasn’t been improving lately is the quality to price ratio with sound gear, until now.

Tascam DR-680

Tascam’s DR-680 is possibly a game changer. yeah it doesn’t have timecode, but its not like you can’t stick timecode into an unused input, CAUSE ITS GOT 6! And in the game I’m in, timecode isn’t an issue. So for less than $1000 you’re getting a 6 channel recorder. My idea setup is running my 4 mixer inputs to channels 1-4 and then sending a mix to 5 and 6. Post will wet their panties. Buuuut for now, my current mixer doesn’t have dedicated outs for each input. I’ve got the older PSC mk4 mark2 mixer. although a 4 channel mixer, no dedicated outs. Thus requiring me to step up to the Alphamix or ideally, SD 552.


This is kind of my first unofficial launch of King & Queen Films. I shot this wedding back in October just before I had knee surgery, 3 days before akshully. Spent a good amount of time cutting on this to tell the story of their day. Drew and I have been good buds for a while. He was an OG Pimpske member and managed the now defunct Stateline Skatepark. Him and his bride reside in Asheville, N.C. where they ride bikes and all kinds of other fun stuff. I started King & Queen to have somewhat of a name to work under. I shoot a lot of weddings for other people, but occasionally I will shoot and produce one on my own. And when that happens, its a King & Queen Film. Website and all that fun stuff will be launching soon, keep an eye our for it. But until then, hit up the vimeo page, http://vimeo.com/kingandqueenfilm kthx.

14 01 2010