The Art of Rolling Capture

5 05 2011

One thing I enjoy doing is filming action sports. Its not something I do as much as I used to, but I always jump at the opportunity to film some bikes and my buddies. Well, Props Visual, a bmx specific video magazine, featured a couple of us bmx filmers and asked us about our filming boards. Some readers might not understand such jargon, let me explain: When filming bmx/skateboarding its very common for the filmer to ride on a skateboard to get those cool low angle follow shots. ┬áSuch shots require a somewhat enhanced skateboard, a “filmer board” per se. Nothing more than a slightly larger skateboard with slightly fatter wheels.

here’s the link to my interview on Props’ site. I must give “props” to my buddy Terrell who put this together. However, I must call Terrell out for once using a handheld mic in a video that wasn’t plugged in and only used on camera mic. tisk tisk Teo!


new Zaxcom heat!

25 04 2011

There had been rumors floating around for a few months leading up to NAB that Zaxcom was going to drop an awesome new multichannel recorder. Well they did, and it is pretty awesome!

So here she is, the Zaxcom Nomad. comes in a couple of different favours. 4, 6, 8 and 12 channel. I must say that I am very impressed with this new fancy voice catcher. I had been looking into getting a Sound Deviced 788 but this has definitely stolen my heart. I’ll be pre-ordering this puppy soon and looking to put it into some high zoot action come early summer when its released!

Tech nerd details: dual CF recording(marf and fat32 with broadcast wave), timecode in and out, 6+ channel models feature zaxnet for ifb and other fancy stuff, inputs hidden in the back(some don’t like, I do!), nice big screen and much more. Hit that link for more details.

Busy with post work

15 03 2011

All last week and some this week I’ve been working hard with Bigwheel on some 3d graphics/efx for Volvo Trucks. Not sure if the spot will hit the inderwebz but here’s a screen capture from one of the scenes.

nerd notes: using cinema 4d with Xplode plugin