The Art of Rolling Capture

5 05 2011

One thing I enjoy doing is filming action sports. Its not something I do as much as I used to, but I always jump at the opportunity to film some bikes and my buddies. Well, Props Visual, a bmx specific video magazine, featured a couple of us bmx filmers and asked us about our filming boards. Some readers might not understand such jargon, let me explain: When filming bmx/skateboarding its very common for the filmer to ride on a skateboard to get those cool low angle follow shots.  Such shots require a somewhat enhanced skateboard, a “filmer board” per se. Nothing more than a slightly larger skateboard with slightly fatter wheels.

here’s the link to my interview on Props’ site. I must give “props” to my buddy Terrell who put this together. However, I must call Terrell out for once using a handheld mic in a video that wasn’t plugged in and only used on camera mic. tisk tisk Teo!




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