some damn good nom noms

20 10 2009

recently i came up on some awesome vegan marshmallows. there used to be this one company that made them, but they were big fat liars and used animal gutz in their products. so boo ya! found sweet and sara. hit up whole foods and shhhaaapooww! got em stacked in the fridge! well… actually i did have them stacked 4 high. now i just have one box left. they are a gazillion times better than the other ones from the big fat liars. they melt so much better, and even roast good over a fire.

they are cubes, which look kinda odd at first, but they work better for all things nomable.

they got these cute little smores too!

and holy shit! when i went to the site today, low and behold they got dem mini mallows!!!! previously i was biting chunks of the bigger ones and spitting them into my hot chokit. April might have yelled at me for that…

these lil buggers are hand made in NY and are animal product free and friendly(simon would definitely eat them). so yeah, go buy some.




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