Risky Maneuvers

13 06 2011

I constantly find myself in risky situations, controlled of course! I’ve went from walking around a farmers market, shooting guns, crazy chemicals, giant magnets and various other biohazards all in the past week.

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bag slate for DSLR timecode work

3 06 2011

One thing I’ve been pretty active with is the whole DSLR movement. I did a post a while back about using a DSLR, separate recorder and plural eyes to sync in final cut pro. Thats been a pretty easy deal for most productions but now I have devised a new way to get all technical with post syncing that involves no need for a plugin! All it takes is just a quick glimpse of my bag slate for camera while its rolling and you’re good to go. Here, ladies and gents, is my bag’s mini timecode slate:

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Wholefoods video

12 05 2011

So I probably should start waiting like a week before I post about video shoots I’m on. Seems like almost everytime I drop some bts photos a few days later the video pops up online. Case in point; the Wholefoods shoot I was on last week. Click that play button and learn some cool things about the fancy shmancy new store.

The Art of Rolling Capture

5 05 2011

One thing I enjoy doing is filming action sports. Its not something I do as much as I used to, but I always jump at the opportunity to film some bikes and my buddies. Well, Props Visual, a bmx specific video magazine, featured a couple of us bmx filmers and asked us about our filming boards. Some readers might not understand such jargon, let me explain: When filming bmx/skateboarding its very common for the filmer to ride on a skateboard to get those cool low angle follow shots.  Such shots require a somewhat enhanced skateboard, a “filmer board” per se. Nothing more than a slightly larger skateboard with slightly fatter wheels.

here’s the link to my interview on Props’ site. I must give “props” to my buddy Terrell who put this together. However, I must call Terrell out for once using a handheld mic in a video that wasn’t plugged in and only used on camera mic. tisk tisk Teo!

Workin for the hotbar

25 04 2011

Had the privaledge to work for one of my favorite companies last week, Wholefoods out of Austin, TX. They were featuring one of their new stores here in good ‘ol NC, north Raleigh to be exact and wanted to show off some of its new green features. So we shot a ton of b-roll and about 10 employee interviews highlighting certain features of the store. The crew was Matt Moore on camera(af100), Tony Collins aka “t-pain” on pa duties, me on sound and Kate was producer(she works for wholefoods). Tony snapped this pic below.

And the highlight? Hot bar for lunch! om nom nom!

new Zaxcom heat!

25 04 2011

There had been rumors floating around for a few months leading up to NAB that Zaxcom was going to drop an awesome new multichannel recorder. Well they did, and it is pretty awesome!

So here she is, the Zaxcom Nomad. comes in a couple of different favours. 4, 6, 8 and 12 channel. I must say that I am very impressed with this new fancy voice catcher. I had been looking into getting a Sound Deviced 788 but this has definitely stolen my heart. I’ll be pre-ordering this puppy soon and looking to put it into some high zoot action come early summer when its released!

Tech nerd details: dual CF recording(marf and fat32 with broadcast wave), timecode in and out, 6+ channel models feature zaxnet for ifb and other fancy stuff, inputs hidden in the back(some don’t like, I do!), nice big screen and much more. Hit that link for more details.

oldies but goodies

9 04 2011

I came across an old CD-R that I burned as a backup some years ago. On it was a collection of riding clips of myself that were to be used for a bmx video that never was. They were filmed from 2001-2002’sh in all kinds of wild locations that I probably wouldn’t be able to get back to. Bikes are fun, miss those old days…

Windstream video

25 03 2011

Here’s the windstream spot mentioned from a few posts ago. Check it out!

Busy with post work

15 03 2011

All last week and some this week I’ve been working hard with Bigwheel on some 3d graphics/efx for Volvo Trucks. Not sure if the spot will hit the inderwebz but here’s a screen capture from one of the scenes.

nerd notes: using cinema 4d with Xplode plugin

Windstream Commercial

22 02 2011

Last week I was hired to do production sound on a Windstream Commercial, famous for the “Lifetime Price Guarantee”, which I heard very very often, along with, “I quit cable!”. The production company was out of NYC and came down to Charlotte for the shoot, which was at an awesome studio. I think we did around 8 customer interviews and some one liners from the Windstream girl, Meghan.

Tech nerd details: shot on AF100 and 5d MKii. sound was 552 mixer/recorder with lectro wireless on talent and sennheiser G2 wireless for camera hops. Comtek system for client monitoring.

More pics after the jump

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