Big show / big vroom

24 07 2017

bigshowThe Big Show making me look short.


Mack, meet Mack.

24 07 2017

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They call me the drifter

27 10 2012

“Hey Michael, you available for a shoot next week? We’ll have 2 guys in a car so it might be going out of range for your wireless at camera, can you handle something like this? There will be a GoPro camera in the car as well.” Thats the email I get. My job is all about problem solving and as I’m reading the email ideas are already flowing. My solution flows like a river in a quick reply all, signed, “lets rock and roll!”. And rock and roll we did!

check out some BTS pics after the jump

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Making the news!

8 08 2012

Once again I’ve somehow managed to get my bearded mug onto local teevee. Last time it was with the ESPN crew while shooting ESPNu’s roadtrip in Blacksburg, VA. This time while shooting the travel channel show Food Paradise, good friend and awesome DP Jason Dowdle of Blue Sky films and myself were captured while we did our thing down in Greenville, SC.

Promo items arriving this week!

11 04 2012

Fresh threads and sticky stickers will be arriving at Mangler Mixer world headquarters this week. If you’re at NAB next week in Vegas hit me up. I’ll have a small number of shirts and large bounty of stickers for the hand outs. I’ll get a paypal button setup shortly for shirts. I can only afford to give away a certain number as I’ve went baller status and had them printed on American Apparel tri-blend shirts in athletic grey. Shout out to my homies over at Mindsetgear for their screen printing skills and Contagious Graphics for their awesome sticker printing.

Phone to wireless transmitter

4 09 2011

sound dude/app creater, James LaFarge, created this awesome app for Ios/Android phones to control your Lectrosonics SM transmitter.

Windstream Commercial

22 02 2011

Last week I was hired to do production sound on a Windstream Commercial, famous for the “Lifetime Price Guarantee”, which I heard very very often, along with, “I quit cable!”. The production company was out of NYC and came down to Charlotte for the shoot, which was at an awesome studio. I think we did around 8 customer interviews and some one liners from the Windstream girl, Meghan.

Tech nerd details: shot on AF100 and 5d MKii. sound was 552 mixer/recorder with lectro wireless on talent and sennheiser G2 wireless for camera hops. Comtek system for client monitoring.

More pics after the jump

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Scrub up!

12 02 2011

Moses Cone Hospital has a new campaign promoting killing germs. I provided production sound for K2 Productions to produce this video that will run on their internal tv network. I’ve got some behind the scenes photos after the jump.

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Visit Charlotte, cause there’s a lot!

9 02 2011

“Charlotte’s Got A Lot…”

I heard that quite a bit over the course of a 3 day shoot a few months ago. I worked with BooneOakley, an awesome ad agency in Charlotte recording sound on a series of shoots promoting Charlotte. Here is one of those videos:

Hello world!

29 06 2009

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