the cost of film school worth it?

17 09 2009

Today wake forest university announced they are adding a documentary film program to their MA and MFA. i have no clue what thats going to cost, but for an undergrad in communications you’re looking at $30k/year. high point university just opened their new communications building (which is amazing btw!). but that price is about the same, maybe a little more at $35k i think. 

so for a 4 year degree you’re looking at $120k, easily, if not more. thats a lot of damn money! i started out filming bike videos and got my video experience in the real world. i got my education from piedmont community college (AAS in digital effects and animation/film). i spent less than $5k on my education. that includes driving to and from school(its in BFE), books and crap. not including living expenses, cause i’d be paying that anyway. 

currently i’m in my 2nd “real” job. my first was a producer at a TV station and now i’m a video producer for a news paper (going on 2 years). these 2 jobs are what those students would be applying for. i’m not gonna say how much money i make here at the paper, but if i spent $120k on my education i’d be pissed as all get out! granted, yes, those degrees are all fancy and can help, but still, in this biz its about your experience and skills. frankly, its embarrassing to see some of the stuff that comes out of these big 4 year schools. 

in north carolina, i don’t know of any jobs that students coming out of a 4 year undergrad with little experience that would be making more than $40k. i don’t see the value in it. 




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