sweet new gizmo! sound devices 552 mixer

10 09 2009

sound devices(makers of quality sound gear) just announced their new SD 552. i’m guessing this is just an added model to their line of mixers, the mix pre, 302, 442(n), and now 552. i’ve always liked the idea of a 5 channel mixer. 4 channels is def sweet to have but adding another channel is all the better! especially with the more common type of reality shows popping up.

but what stands out so great about this 5 channel mixer? oooh another channel… so what? well, they did a bit more than just add another channel. they went ahead and tossed in a damn recorder in there to boot! so thats 5 channels of audio.. and a freakin recorder! albeit a 2 channel recorder, its pretty damn sweet. perfect for your backup track or awesome for indy stuff. as of now i’m still not aware of any bag based recorders with 5 dedicated inputs. but i’m sure sound devices is working on something tho!

check it out on the sound devices page for more info. she’ll ring up for around $2900, trew audio has it for $2895

throw in a denecke time code generator and you’re set!

but i’m still rocking my psc m4 mkii 4 channel set up.




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