28 08 2008

so around the interwebz camera geeks are drooling and arguing of the new nikon D90.

what is so damn magical about the numerical’d digi slr from nikon? well for one, its got some sensor and ISO improvements. two, has a higher number than the D80. and three, shoots 720p HD video.  

yup, i said video.


so now you’ve got all the photojournalists thinking, “hey, i don’t have to mess with that damn video camera anymore!” and video guys screaming, “wtf!? rolling shutter, cmos, mono audio with no audio inputs!”. but some video guy in the back mumbles, “least i aint gota buy that damn letus 35 adapter now..”

as far as i’m concerned, i like it.  i’ve been using a loaner d1x from work with no working functions other than a shutter.  it will be cool to have a video option, but its not my main concern, i’ll use my hvx/future letus for that stuff. but of course i’ll play with it.




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