mmmm.. nom noms

22 08 2008

if you know me, you know i like snacks.  its no secret. a couple of months i got my ass handed to me tho.  a visit to the dentist.  homegirl was not stoked on my toofs.  so i cut back on the sugary snacks a bit and started focusing on more healthier snacks(still can’t turn down laffy taffy tho). while i was in st louis a couple of weeks ago i found an awesome gas station snack attacker at the QT(the midwest’s version of sheets).  it was packaged like a lunchable but was not an oscar meyer product.  it was full of cheese cubes, grapes, apple wedges and some fuckin caramel dip!  omega nom noms! and not too bad for you either, mother nature’s snacks from the earth(minus the processed cheese and caramel, at least i’m on my way to better..).

and since i’ve returned back to the less humid NC i’ve been searching for a similar like product to fulfill my nom nom snack needs.  thus far i’ve found walmart selling an apple wedge with caramel dip packet from reichel foods. they’ve got a couple of other different dippers as well, good stuff all around.  but its still no QT omega snack attacker.

i should prolly start snappin pics of these things i find interesting.  it would probably make a much better blog entry.  atleast i did some linking.




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