New light weight run n gun kit

21 11 2011

So I built up a sweet little run and gun kit for those long days with boom and a couple of wireless.

So I’ve got a Sound Devices 302 mixer to two wireless transmitters for camera hop, also running to a tascam dr40 recorder for backup(or simple dslr gigs). For my wireless its a Lectrosonics SRa dual channel receiver with SMV transmitters coupled with a selection of Sanken, Countyman or Tram lavaliere mics. And of course my Sennheiser mkh60 shotgun with a K-tek 152cc 12′ boom pole. All powered by one NP-1 style battery, which on the 12 hour day I worked on Saturday for the Golf Channel, only used 25% of the battery. My next upgrade will be adding one of Cable Techniques emergency Rx devices to add a 4th channel into the 302. Oh yeah, and its super light! My shoulders felt nothing at the end of the day, can’t say the same for my feet tho..




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20 12 2011

Hi Micahel,

I just came accross your site. Looks great and has lots of good info. I see you and i have very similar gear (302, and 552 mixer, Lectros, wireless hops, etc.). I am curious about your use of the Lectro SRa receiver in the bag. I know that Lectrosonics didn’t intend for them to be used in bags and I don’t know anyone doing it that way. I really want to go this route for the size weight considerations. Have you noticed any loss of range, signal strength, dropout, etc. Thanks in advance for any info.

21 12 2011

Hey Adriano, thanks for dropping me a line. I’ve been using the SRa’s for about 5 months now. i know of quite a bit of users that are using them in bags as well. Lectrosonics rates the SRa’s equal to two 401 units. so they are diversity but they lack the front end tracking that 211’s and 411’s have. If I lived in a very RF heavy area then I’d be more concerned but just last week i was NYC and had great reception on blocks 21 and 24 with no RF hits and a yucky spectrum scan at that. I have 2 block 21 SRa’s and one block 24 and I’ve used both sets as talent and camera hops at some point. With those 3 units combined with my Nomad, its makes for a very back friendly bag!

22 12 2011

Thanks so much for your input Michael. I’m going to take the plunge to help my back out a bit and keep my 411s nearby in case I experience any issues. Looking forward to setting them up with a Nomad 6 as well. Happy Holidays and keep up the great blog. Adriano

27 08 2013


what petrol bag is that?
12 hours with one battery? it must be one big battery.. 😛
didn’t use a phantom power mic?

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