hide lavs ’09

5 06 2009

so here’s the deal, lavs are ugly. especially the big ones, like the sony lavs, they are freakin huge!

now sometimes, i know how it goes. in a rush, no time, or the person you’re mic’n is kinda gross and you don’t want your lav cable touching their skin. understandable. but otherwise, hide those lavs!

its not that hard. rycote makes these cool undercover sticky things, $12 for a pack of 30 stickies and 3 covers(gray, white and black). they are good for wind blocking as well. they work pretty good with most lavs, but probably not those gigantium coke bottle sony lavs.

but with a countryman b6, cos 11x, tram tr50 or maybe even the cheap sennheiser g2 mics, you should have no visible lav mic.

or just hire a sound man to boom it, which is a better idea.




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