bluray, my continuing saga…

23 12 2008

so over the past few weeks i’ve been trying to tackle bluray authoring using adobe encore. i’ve been a dvd studio pro user since almost day 1(2001 maybe?). and my brain has been programmed with its workflow. i can slap together a basic dvd in no time flat. and i was hoping my leap to encore would be just as easy. boy was i wrong… now i’m sure authoring an SD dvd is probably a little bit simpler. but that was not my goal. what exactly was my goal? to make a simple bluray with a menu with 2 buttons and with 2 videos tracks for a certain clothing company that recently released a bmx video. 

so i did what any other computer geek would do when challenged to learn new software. i google’d. i came up with numerous tutorials from adobe’s site and even put to use my works account. but you know, nothing i watched or read was simple. everything relied on prebuilt menus and stuff like that. no “hey, here’s how you make a menu from scratch” or “here’s how you export your mpeg-2’s for 720p material”. nope, nothing. 

so 9 exports later and i’ve finally come to proper work flow for encoding. yay…. but i’m still trying to make sure i have my menu stuff proper. i’ve posted on a couple of forums and most replies ensure me that the preview is not to be trusted, etc, etc.. 

so whats a d00d left to do? first off i’ve got my exports exporting right now at home and on my laptop. i think i have my menu setup properly. and now when i get home from work today i’m hopefully gonna burn that puppy to a bluray(rewritable of course!) and then test it on multiple devices.

so if all is well and everything works then i will prepare a nice tutorial that gives the entry encore user a real “whats up wif encore and dem 720p filez yo!” tutorial. stay tuned…




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