i dissed a movie star!

1 12 2008

so i was a dick to chad michael murray.

but i didn’t know who it was, does that make me more of a dick?

so i’m filming this wedding, which i do about 15 times a year(for the cake of course). and i’m filming some ladies sign the guest book at the reception. i’m rockin my hvx, along with shoulder mount. and this dudes like, “oh cool, you made you a little home made shoulder mount, i’ve never seen something like that for those little cameras, i’m used to seeing big cameras on shoulder set ups”. my reply, “nope, actually these are fairly popular and a lot of companies make these.” of course i wasn’t giving him my full attention, nor partial for that matter and didn’t even make eye contact. my thoughts were who’s this douche and why is he trying to act like he knows what a big camera is. then i forgot all about it. as i usually do since i have a terrible memory.

later on, the guy i’m shooting the wedding with says something along the lines of, “my little sister is so pissed i didn’t bring her, she loves chad michael murray.” the name sounded familiar, and yup, sure enough. i dissed chad michael murray over my little camera and shoulder mount.

funny thing is, i filmed him a couple of years ago at a one tree hill basketball game, he even did some promo’s and stuff for my station for me.

so sorry chad, its not like you’ll ever read this. your imdb page definately kicks my imdb pages ass.

chad’s wife is bff with 2009 miss north carolina, and they are both bff with the bride. weird huh?




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