philly with Eastern Bikes

18 11 2008

last thursday, bright in the AM baby moose and myself jumped in the TL-88. destination? Gianna’s Grill. was that the main focus of the trip? to get vegan philly cheesesteaks? you betcha! oh yeah, also to do bikes. and by bikes, i mean the 4th edition of the ever popular bmx web series, “Inside/Out”.

with 3 episodes under our belt is was probably time for a crappy one.  its not that we didn’t have a hoot of a time, but the weather was probably not the best. rain was forcasted for the first 2 days. forcing us to find indoor spots to ride. wiz took care of us on friday with a private indoor ramp setup. tight little 5 foot mini with a side of vert wall/street spine/6’ quarter combo. nifty little setup.

day 2 we were on our own, seeing as wiz had to work. so we ventured to west chester, yes, thats where bam lives. he didn’t return our calls about riding his driveway tranny. but union ramp park did atleast answer the phone. and by answer the phone i mean to tell us that an animal demo/benefit jam was going down at 5 that day. so we rode some street while the clouds parted at west chester U. then we rode the park with the animal crew till pretty late in the AM. i actually stunted some. its weird that i mostly ride my bmx when i’m out of town. 

day 3, the final day left us with sunny skies and howling winds in our high rise ghetto days inn. we hit the streets of fishtown with wiz, pedaling from spot to spot. leaving me mumbling of complaints of, “i wish my TL-88 were with me right now..” under my hooded protection of the “meteorologist” jacket as seamus calls it. but the spots were awesome, and stunts got done. tried to ride a pool but got the boot as we rolled up. seamus, kelly and leigh were already gettin their swerve on. so off to more spots in the philly industrial like burbs. nightfall got closer as we got further from the TL-88, so we headed back to wiz’s pizza spot for some nom nom.

we ended the day doing wrap up interviews in the hotel room, using my ghetto film making techniques. and then watching family guy.  all in all it was a good trip. on the way back baby moose and i crashed at pucks house for a couple of hours. in the AM we hit up sheetz for $1.83/gal gas, not too bad eh? 

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