you call this work?

1 11 2008

friday i did a filming gig for seadoo down at lowe’s motor speedway. the jist was… all the top selling seadoo dealers won a trip to the QC to come to jeff gordon’s racing school. they wanted the whole day documented so they hired a couple of video guys to film it. with the idea of showing the video later in the weekend or something. so off i went, leaving the twin cities at dark, then watching the sunrise over the back stretch at charlotte. so weird being in that place and it being completely empty. i was very very tempted to take the tl88 for a lap or two. but then 2 bus loads of dealers showed up, thus activating the “no fun gun”. 

oh, i got a sweet shoulder brace rig, which saved my ass that day. my back would have been ded, yes D-E-D. thanks indifocus!

so the dealers go to ride around this smaller infield track in a souped up ‘stang. they took us for a ride before hand, tons of fun. the drivers were bmw test track drivers, so they gave me one hell of a ride.

then they got to ride in a nascar. well its a slightly modified car, its got a passenger seat. usually i guess they don’t have actual nascar drivers there for this, but seadoo must have dumped a lot of money. a lot of the big name guys were there. pretty cool. 

so the dealers got trained and stuff on how to drive, then they got to drive a car on the track for about 3 laps. they were def stoked. but i was probably equally as stoked when the producer asked me to grab my fisheye and a helmet, for i too was going for a ride. i chose jimmy johnson cause the guy i bought our house from had one of his keys made with a jimmie johnson key.  

it was def an awesome time. sometimes the no fun gun can bring omega fun.

turn 3 at charlotte, hittin about 3g’s at around 180mph. fuuuu-uuuuun!




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