work spaces of my life

10 09 2008

i find myself working at lots of random places.  its kind of funny to look back and see where all i’ve been setup to get whats been needed to get done, done.

recent eastern bikes trip, super 8 hotel. this room was an absolute wreck after about an hour of arrival. pizza needed to be consumed, footage needed to be ingested and my room mates had beers to download.

this is my 9-5 spot at the News & Record.  I’m in a small office/dungeon far from windows.

The TL88, my sweet ride.  many times has the mbp been whipped out for quick clip viewing, downloading p2 cards and whipping up quick edits in the field.  she’s complete with a sweet stereo, roomy interior and a power inverter. not to mention able to transport 5 bikes and 5 d00ds complete with gear(as seen below).

home.  this is my most comfy setup.  my nice big monitor, keyboard and mouse. plenty of hard drive space, plenty of plugins, not to mention access to food just a few steps away.  home is where the heart is…




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