a hispanic bliss

10 07 2008

the triad area of north carolina has been heavily influenced by hispanic implants over the past 10 or so years.  mainly due to a large tobacco driven economy(which has now began to perish). some people frown at the influx of this race. the ol “they’re takin our jobs..” shit is definitely not too true.  they just work the jobs most of us collar sportin whiteys won’t man up and do. but they have brought many great things to our area.  in no other part of the east coast have i found authentic mexican restaurants that taste so damn good!  or that could just be the lack of my culture, but who cares, its good food.  also, a new found treasure… and damn’t if i didn’t forget the name of the place.  but its a hispanic bakery.  located on the finest of main streets in all of north carolina, that of kernersville.  april and i had heard of its fine pastries so we decided to drop in one day.  oooooo mmmm geeeee. what a spot we found.  amazing pastries and cakes for amazing prices!  i got this awesome pastry, bigger than a doughnut, that had a wedge cut into and then filled with creme. maaaan sooo good.  oh, and it was covered in powdered sugar for fucks sake!  and it was only 75 cents too! they have horizon’s organic milk but its still the same price as starbucks…  thats the new hot spot in k-vegas.  




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