a rapcore band gets its wish…

7 07 2008

years and years ago i used to ride at a skatepark called flipside(now known as the shithole of 915 skatepark). and on bike night a band would practice behind the mini ramp.  i don’t remember their name but i do remember they had a song for “North Carolina’s Southern Hero”, Jesse Helms.  it went something along the lines of “die jesse helms, die jesse die die!”.  well some 10 years later they got what they wanted.  

i don’t keep up with politics much, but to me, jesse helms stood for every backwoods uneducated whitey. he hated gays and was clearly a racist. but after reading a CL rants and rave it was pointed out that he eventually apologized for his remarks and beleifs on homo’s and blacks.  i’m sorry for the loss of life, but for some reason i doubt he’ll be missed.

however, April thinks he’s cute cause he looked like an owl.




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