touch n go

22 05 2008

so i saw this behemoth of an airplane circling greensboro today. a quick phone call and i find out that the us air force are doing touch and go exercises at pti. so the tl88 and i haul ass out to the airport. a couple of turn arounds and manuevering through parking lots and i find myself in the back corner of the UPS lot awaiting the beasts decent. seeing such a huge aircraft come in for a landing is wild. its so friggin’ huge that it looks like its going like 10 miles an hour. i was actually standing on top of my car filming it and i could feel it shake as it touched down. only on the ground for a few seconds they gassed it and she was well on her way to the beautiful blue carolina skies. i was hoping they’d give a second pass so i snaked my way over to the other side of the airport, but no dice. the air monster was long gone.




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