Wholefoods video

12 05 2011

So I probably should start waiting like a week before I post about video shoots I’m on. Seems like almost everytime I drop some bts photos a few days later the video pops up online. Case in point; the Wholefoods shoot I was on last week. Click that play button and learn some cool things about the fancy shmancy new store.


oldies but goodies

9 04 2011

I came across an old CD-R that I burned as a backup some years ago. On it was a collection of riding clips of myself that were to be used for a bmx video that never was. They were filmed from 2001-2002’sh in all kinds of wild locations that I probably wouldn’t be able to get back to. Bikes are fun, miss those old days…

Windstream video

25 03 2011

Here’s the windstream spot mentioned from a few posts ago. Check it out!

Lowe’s Foods shoot

5 02 2011

Did an all nighter in a grocery store a few weeks ago for a series of Lowe’s Foods commercials that will be running on Time Warner cable channels. This was shot on a DSLR camera with nikon primes, courtesy of KPSR.

some bts photos after the jump

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IBM + GM = volt

25 01 2011

Here’s a video I helped crew a while back. I was sound mixer and happen to have my gopro’s with me so I stuck them on a volt for a couple of test drives. This was produced by Centerline Productions out of Raleigh. They do great work and its always a pleasure to work with them.

Our State and The Carolina Belle

17 08 2010

Here’s a recent video I produced for Our State Magazine. Take a ride aboard the Carolina Belle, a1940s-era biplane that now takes to the air giving visitors a birds-eye view of the North Carolina coast.

best day ever.

2 08 2010

crossed “go upside down in an airplane” off my bucket list.

Our film from Greensboro’s 48 hour film project. Possibly one of our best films yet?

21 06 2010

woo hoo!

23 04 2010

Here’s some gopro camera footage of a bike ride at a local trail.

Nathan Williams edit for Dan’s Comp

27 03 2010

You may have remembered the Corey Martinez edit from last month. Well here is the 2nd video from that trip with Nathan Williams. These dudes are a treat to film with. My next videos for this series will be shot probably sometime in May with 3 other Dan’s Comp crew members.


Dan’s Comp Pro Team – Nathan Williams – More BMX Videos